Nick Warren

Enclosure & OctoPrint Instance

To remedy the draft and allow for better printing in ABS, I planned an enclosure for the printer. An Ikea STUVA storage shelf was used as this was cost effective, and was large enough to accomodate the printer, and filament spool storage.

The Ikea unit was assembled, and holes cut in the back panel to allow power and data cables to pass into the enclosure. A Raspberry Pi Model 3 was attached to the exterior back panel with an optoisolated relay board. Octoprint was installed and custom scripts written to allow control of the printer's mains power, and LED lighting. A camera was mounted to the wall of the printer, pointing at the printbed, to monitor progress remotely and record time-lapse videos of interesting prints.

Inside the enclosure, a wall-mounted spool holder holds the filament spool and two guide loops keep the filament in order to the extruder. This keeps un-necessary mass off the printer's frame, and keeps the filament clear of the camera's view.