MG TF EV Conversion

This page documents the conversion of an almost-classic British sports car (an MG TF) to run electric.

  • Planned specifications:
    • 30kWh designed battery capacity, Expected 80-100mi range.
    • 100kW Siemens inverter, 3-phase AC induction motor.

So far the project is in early stages, with the following milestones completed.

  • Donor Car Purchased, October 2019
  • Batteries acquired, January 2020

More detailed vehicle specifications can be found on Progress tracking is being done on this Trello Board, and some parts will be posted on this site (these posts are shown below)

  • Project Task-List
    I am using Trello to organise tasks for the project – It seemed the best way to keep track of what tasks were ongoing/complete etc. I will keep the […]
  • Orion BMS2 – Pre-install
    In order to best maintain and protect the batteries, I have opted for an Orion BMS2 Battery Management System, made by Ewert Energy Systems. This unit is highly capable with […]

3 replies on “MG TF EV Conversion”

Hi Nicholas

Really interested in your project. Are you able to produces a detailed work list as you progress? Which others may follow in the future as a “How to”

I think everyone’s take on a conversion is slightly different – so a step by step “how to” is probably less useful than you might imagine – but I do intend to document things as best I can on this site šŸ™‚

Best place to get started on your own is to look at other similar projects and read up a ton – so sites like EVAlbum and the DIY Electric Car Forums are good starting points.

Feel free to shoot me an email or comment if you have any specific questions.

Hi Nick,

Wondering where you got to in the conversion, unfortunately I cannot open your trello board. Just have a few quick questions about the split battery pack. Did you install the bms in a separate container and then run wires to each of your packs? How did you split your battery pack?

Any general updates would be appreciated


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