Westerly Winds – Lockdown Performance

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, my regular Wind Band – Westerly Winds – created a “Virtual Band” of those who could record and submit footage.

Editing credit to Catherine (video) and Andrew (audio mix).

Musical credit to Andy L for rehearsing us so well in this piece before the rehearsals were all cancelled!

Projects Server

New Website!

Following the deployment of my new home-server, I’ve spent this weekend migrating services previously hosted at home to be run centrally from it, and starting this site.

The server (currently in a cardboard box, waiting for its real case) is the guts of an old desktop, running Proxmox VE. I quickly migrated over my old website into its own container – where previously it was hosted on a Synology DS215j NAS.

New server “medina” in its temporary new home…

I’ve been wanting to refresh my old site for a while, as it was scratch-built in HTML/CSS as an attempt to learn – it’s functionality was limited, and updating content on it was a pain. I decided to use WordPress for its successor – as thanks to TurnKey Linux it was set up very quickly in a new LXC container on my server.

I don’t expect many visitors here, but at least now they can see a shiny dynamic site with a CMS instead of the static structure of the old site.

Projects Server

Old Website Archive

The old website has been retired, though it will remain on GitHub in code form. It can be found here.