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New Website!

Following the deployment of my new home-server, I’ve spent this weekend migrating services previously hosted at home to be run centrally from it, and starting this site.

The server (currently in a cardboard box, waiting for its real case) is the guts of an old desktop, running Proxmox VE. I quickly migrated over my old website into its own container – where previously it was hosted on a Synology DS215j NAS.

New server “medina” in its temporary new home…

I’ve been wanting to refresh my old site for a while, as it was scratch-built in HTML/CSS as an attempt to learn – it’s functionality was limited, and updating content on it was a pain. I decided to use WordPress for its successor – as thanks to TurnKey Linux it was set up very quickly in a new LXC container on my server.

I don’t expect many visitors here, but at least now they can see a shiny dynamic site with a CMS instead of the static structure of the old site.

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